Friday, September 4, 2009

Trailing no more ... for now

We are back at home in the States. It is good to be home. Grocery stores are still a little overwhelming and I stare at potable water coming from the tap in wonder but transitions are going fairly well ... so far.

Come by and visit. I can't promise you an exotic foreign locale ... but it will still be me.


Namaste Nepal

I write this from the study in our home in the US. I had grand plans about ending this blog with all the pictures I had hoped to post but didn't have time to but I think it is time to wrap this up and move on!

We had a wonderful tour. It was a great three years for our family and I will always look back at this chapter in our lives with great fondness.

I posted earlier about what my children said they would miss so now it is time for me to pony up. Here is my top ten list:

1) Our helpers. Not just for the wonderful work they did for us thereby freeing us up to enjoy and experience their country but for them as people. Mana Co-Mothered with me and loved on and cared for my children in a way for which I will be always grateful. During our tenure there were births, deaths, joys and hardships in their families and ours. It was my privilege to know them - truly.

2) Countless individuals. There are some very, very interesting people in the 'Du! I had friends from many different countries who were doing things either currently or in their former lives that were so unique to me. (e.g. my friend the wildlife biologist who spends half her year in an Indian forest tracking Tigers and other big cats in hopes that large companies won't encroach on their habitats etc. She is the first wildlife biologist I've ever met - smile.) We had many friends from the different communities we were a part of whom I will miss.

3) People in general. Driving anywhere was endlessly fascinating just watching the street scape unfold before you. There were people doing all kinds of things along the roads: bathing, getting their hair cut, brushing their teeth, selling their wares, carrying their children, chatting with neighbors and making their way through the crazy Kathmandu traffic.

4) Our church community. It was a fabulous community of people doing amazing things in the name of Christ. I smile when I think of our Scottish pastor's brogue.

5) The weather! Temperate. Loved it. Monsoon's not so great ... but it isn't so bad either.

6) While I am on the subject of Monsoon - I loved that my children learned to run outside and play in the rain. I also will never forget the colors of the Monsoon skies. Glorious.

7) The small town experience. While I am speaking of the expat bubble it really was amazing to me how you really knew someone everywhere you went. I know it would drive some people nuts but for me it was for a season and I enjoyed it.

8) I will miss how affordable life was on a western salary! Back to reality - sigh.

9) The Himalayas! When the monsoon rains were over and the sky cleared we had a couple of months of beautiful views of the mountains from the valley. They are indeed majestic and speak of their Creator.

10) Color. I'll miss the saris blowing in the wind on the back of motorcycles, the spice shops and powdered dye kiosks and crazy painted trucks.

The Nepalis taught me to question why I am in a hurry. Exactly what prize do I get for cramming more into a day? They taught me to be grateful for every relationship and every thing in my life. They showed me that waste is shameful in light of the poverty that most Nepalis live in. I am grateful to them.

With this I will end my blogging adventure. Thanks for those of you who "followed", commented and encouraged me!

Namaste Nepal!