Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Bat at Ballet

Only here. Yesterday I took the girls to their ballet class which is held on the other side of town in an old broken down Rana palace (same place I teach my own class). Kit didn't feel well and wanted to "watch" while Lindsay put on her pink tights and ballet outfit. It is all about the outfit. (This went much better than last year when Lindsay got kicked out for talking too much:)). So we sat on the benches outside the room. The woman I was sitting next to and I looked up and five feet from us was a little bat - just hangin' out. His eyes actually looked open but we told ourselves he was asleep. He swayed and turned a bit periodically. Creepily enough I was sitting there reading The Historian - a novel about a historian's personal quest to unravel the Dracula story. Kit named him Fred. He was kind of cute.

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