Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's over!

The Bandh is over. The fuel lines (think 70's but worse) linger but I think that both food and fuel are starting to make their way back into the city. The kids' school schedules are normal this week. Alleluia! Can you tell I'm feeling a little giddy?

And now we turn our attention to the upcoming "Constituent Assembly Poll" - that would the elections. We feel a bit schitzophrenic in our household as we pay rapt attention to the political news from both the US and Nepal. When your superduperTuesday ends and you are either awake but bleary eyed or have decided to can it and go to sleep, we are waking up and watching CNN with a cup of Chai to take in the results. It is kind of nice.

This is my second time composing this entry as the computer was ceremonially turned off by a certain two year old last time. I think I'm going to make it but better not press my luck.

Distracted but delighted,


Broc Romanek said...

Whew! We're thinking of you and you're doing a fantastic job on this blog. Your kids will be able to read it many years from now and gain a new perspective on their journey.

A "shout out" to my lovely wife - because I can...

Phil Selbie said...

Hey Laurel, it is so nice being able to think 'Kathmandu' for a few minutes when reading your blog. We have so much when so many have so little and yep, we're watching things over the pond closely too!