Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dang Dogmandu!

This is a classic Kathmandu Street Dog. They usually leave all humans alone. Niiiice puppies.

Last week a dog bit me. It wasn't a street dog but some little white fluffy dog on a leash. It was unprovoked! I was outraged! Not really - but I was bummed about having to have two extra rabies shots. You might expect such behavior from these poor things on the street - but the little Princess?! Oh well.

The funnier moment, however, was when I posted this on my status line on Facebook. A woman I went to school with who is now an attorney commented that I should pursue a personal injury claim. (She has no idea where I am living.) My friends who live here and saw that pretty much just howled. Nepalis don't even carry insurance for the most part. (And I'm not the litigious type).
I think this one is just waiting for Dr. Jha to arrive so he can have the first appointment. Ha.

It is all okay - I'm gonna live! And laugh a little.


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Jennifer said...


Got your sweet Christmas card today! Can't wait 'til you are back around here...