Monday, May 25, 2009

Weeping at Worship

We are so incredibly sad. Saturday morning - the Nepali "weekend" and the sabbath for Christian Nepalis - a bomb blast went off at the Catholic Church. Many were injured and two died - one of whom was a fifteen year old high school student.

People often ask if we feel safe here. My response is always yes. While you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time there are mechanisms in place to minimize that possibility. But a church? Certainly it isn't the first time a place of worship has been targeted by extremist groups. I think it is the first time here in Nepal however (I wouldn't swear to this - but certainly during our tenure this is the case.).

We attend a Protestant church where the services are in English. We did meet yesterday - but at an "undisclosed" location. Whenever we do return to our normal location I am sure that new security measures will be in place. So, so, sad.

The ability to worship without fear is not something to take for granted.

Do you know what "Namaste" means? I bow to the God in you. It is considered a peaceful gesture of respect. Interesting and frightening times we live in.



Becca said...

oh man that's hard stuff - I will be praying for you guys!~ I totally understand how you feel - people always ask us if we feel safe doing inner-city ministry. I always think that we have to trust God to protect us if we feel like we are following His will for our lives (which we do!) :-) I will be praying!

Crystal said...

That is so sad and I am so sorry to hear about the loss of life. Thank you for reminding us about the blessings we have to worship freely without fear! Praying for you and yours, as well as the whole country of Nepal. Grace to you~

mommaof4wife2r said...

peace and prayers to you...

regan said...

you and your family were the first thing i thought of when i read that story. of course i don't "know" anyone in kathmandu. and i don't really "know" you, but i have enjoyed your blog for some time now and i couldn't help but be worried. (i came from a link via elizabeth foss' blog). glad you and family are safe. will keep you in prayer. God bless.
ps. best of luck on your silouhette.