Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Must I Must Get Organized!

We are getting ready to Namaste Nepal and I can't believe it. Two more weeks until packout and then two more until wheels up.

I think I'm more anxious than I'll admit and there is still a lot to do in the next two weeks but really, as one friend reminded me - "Just hide the kids, pets and passports and they'll just pack everything else up". I know from experience that this is true but a little organization beforehand ultimately relieves some stress on the day of the move.

So this is my GRAND PLAN:

This week or next week:
1) Clean out closets and drawers for clothing giveaway.
2) Attack the "in" box in our office! (Where I pretend I am very organized and have four bins labeled ACT, R&D (read and dispose), FILE, SHRED. Two out of the four of those are always, always full.)
3) Cajole the hoodlums to part with more toys.

Two days prior to packers:
1) Pack our suitcases with whatever we can't live without in the next three weeks or so until the air freight arrives.
2) Collect all the things we can't live without for the next three months on the living room floor for air freight.

To any Foreign Service/Military Moms who are lurking ... I need you now! Advice people!

Now that doesn't sound so bad, does it? I feel better already.


Betsy said...

I'm a military wife who has done 11 moves in 14 years of marriage - 4 of them overseas.

I usually put all of the hold baggage (what I think is your air freight) in either a large walk-in closet or bathroom that can be left unused for a few days. I move it to the living room right before the movers arrive.

I pack our bags and either store them in my car or a different closet with the door taped shut and a message in the native language telling them to leave that closet alone.

When our children were little we would mail a box for each child to our next destination. We would put in toys and additional clothing that would not fit into our suitcases. It doesn't cost too much if you use APO and it is nice to have additional things on the other side.

Are you headed back to DC? We just moved away from there after 5 years, but will probably have to go back next summer. My husband is trained to work in embassies, but due to a minor chronic illness in our children, we are stuck stateside.

Hope you enjoy your last few weeks in Nepal. It is on our list of places we plan to visit someday - post military career.

Jennifer said...

So excited to have you back! I'm cheering you on over here... Go, Laurel, Go! Pack! Pack! Pack!