Monday, July 6, 2009

Jodhaa Akbar

I know I am supposed to be getting ready for pack out, but Bollywood beckoned once again and I couldn't help myself.

May I mention that I truly did marry a wonderful man who will watch these things with me and even like them sometimes?!

Jodhaa Akbar just may be India's "Gone With The Wind". This film is the epic love story of a Muslim Mughal Emperor who marries a Rajput Hindu princess. Both Hrithik and Aishwarya are easy on the eyes, the costumes are UNBELIEVABLE and the literal cast of thousands dance sequences are amazing. There is a Sufi number that is really beautiful. Most of the score is lovely but there are these dramatic "DaNaaaaaa" moments when you know something bad is about to go down that are slightly amusing. There are a few battle scenes to stomach but I just made a point to avert my eyes before the elephant foot makes oatmeal of the soldier's head. Jodhaa Akbar is not completely historically accurate but that doesn't detract from the positive aspects of the film.

Get a big bowl of popcorn ready - this movie is three hours and forty five minutes long!


Anonymous said...

loved the movie...
have baught the dvd at home..

my daughters get very excited when Ash comes sitting on the elephant in one of the songs...:)

manue said...

I loved this movie:)