Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Official Fourth - Aloha!

Because we win the "Velveeta on Toast" award for being the most cheesy ... I had to post this. (It goes along with our Sari/Sherwani picture that I haven't posted).

Thank you President Obama for being born in Hawaii! It made for a much better theme for the official Fourth party than a few other states I could think of ... but won't mention (smile - think about the possibility of wearing Colonial garb and cringe a bit). The Ambassador held her official national day party and it was a great success complete with a Tiki Bar, Hawaiian music and food. Some people were following the coconut shrimp server around during the whole reception - hilarious.

I promise in ten years of marriage this is the only time we have ever worn matching clothes. Did you know you can order Hawaiian attire online? There are HUNDREDS of patterns. Amazing.

Today no "Namastes". Aloha baby.


Jennifer said...

Just adorable. So you guys! : )

Anonymous said...

you guys look so happy and sweet..

very very nice picture..