Friday, September 26, 2008


Quirks. I've been tagged by Eudaie-Mamia with the wonderful question: Name five quirks about yourself. Only five? I'll try to narrow it down.

Before I do that may I waste your time for a minute to talk about other people's quirks? Smile. I was single longer than your average bear and thus had the opportunity to have a lot of housemates. Twenty five to be exact. I know this because one time I sat down and figured it out. Half of these people I consider life friends - the other half I'm not likely to see again, ever. (Not for any particularly horrible reasons.) People's quirks used to crack me up. I have no idea what they thought about mine. But let me just list a few - I'll change the names to protect the innocent.

1) Amy was a teacher and kept a dessicated human arm from the civil war era in a box for educational purposes. Ewwwwwwww. She also had a box of rotten teeth from Guatemala. That might go beyond "quirk".
2) Betsy liked light. Lots of it. She removed lampshades and installed fluorescent lights in her room. (And she reads this blog. You know I love you friend!)
3) Cathy absolutely could not start her day without the fresh pop of an ice cold Diet Coke in the early mornings. I considered it my alarm clock.
4) More people than I could name had very particular ways in which they wanted the dishwasher loaded/unloaded. So I guess this isn't so quirky.
5) Food quirks. Well I had one housemate who always ordered Chinese from the place next door, ate a quarter of it but wouldn't touch leftovers EVER. So the rest of us had Chinese all the time.

Ok ... so now my own quirks?

1. I have an aversion to wet plastic items. Not a PHOBIA, just an aversion. I'm talking mostly about kitchen items: tupperware, sippy cups etc. They are the last things I take out of the dish washer. Children with their Tsunami of wet plastic items has forced me to just deal with it. But I still don't like it.

2. This is not a present quirk but a past quirk. I did not, and I mean did not, eat vegetables until I was an adult. And I didn't get scurvy or rickets like Mom said I would! I do eat them now. Really. And two of my kids are the same way. Drives me nuts. Payback.

3. My husband says its a quirk to leave just a bite of food on my plate. I don't really think so. No, I have no idea why.

4. And yes the TP roll goes OVER. Of course.

5. Well alright - there is the ear thing. I have really clean ears because I clean them with a Q-tip every time after I shower. Doctors have actually noticed how clean my ears are:). Actually I don't care that they are clean - it is the water thing again. I really don't like my ear insides to feel wet.

6. OK. Let's stay on the water theme. I always wipe down the counter around the sink before and after I use it. This may have started when I was pregnant. It was a bummer for that big belly to go over the counter when you washed your hands and have it be wet!!!

Dang. I feel so exposed(grin). Time to pass on the love. Jen at - you're it!

PS I can't insert a link to save my life. I just don't get it.


Eudae-mamia said...

So great! Tell your husband that leaving a bite of food on your plate is the sign of a true lady, at least according to my mother - who could take over for Miss Manners without her readers skipping a beat. Try growing up in that house without a complex.

And the whole dessicated human arm thing - eww (I can barely type that) would've been a deal breaker for me. Hoarding amputated appendages equals eviction notice.

Thanks for playing along!


Simple Answer said...

I remember an interview with Dolly Parton who said she lost weight by leaving one bite on her plate "for the angels." Not sure why I remember that....

mommaof4wife2r said...

scurvy is a great thing i use for my kiddos friends...i guess now that i know you didn't get it, it's not fair using it as an excuse anymore. fine!

TinaBug said...

The TP DEFINITELY goes over! That drives me crazy! And clean ears... ha ha never thought I would hear anyone else say that. I do the same as you and have had plenty of doctors say "you have the cleanest ears I've ever seen" ha ha too funny! I enjoyed your post! Have a good week.

EmBee said...

#4 & #5, I couldn't agree more!

I HAVE to clean my ears ALWAYS after a shower or they itch... Does that even make sense? I can NEVER run out of Q-Tips and it HAS to be Q-Tip brand, nothing else will do!

Laurel said...

Oh my quirks aren't so bad after all!

Tami said...

3 through 6 are all me - lol!

And I leave the plastic things in the dishwasher until last -- too funny!