Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Tea Party

We tend to focus on big milestones in our children's development but yesterday was a reminder of the many small wonders and joys we get to witness and be thankful for.

Lindsay asked me to join her tea party. She turned over a cardboard box, set out the plastic tea ware (including broken crayons for tea sandwiches) on it and said I had a special place set aside just for me. She made me color her a picture first and not show it to her and then she placed my picture, rolled up, in front of her place and one she did for me placed in front of mine. When we sat down she poured our "tea", encouraged me to eat ("Eat Mommy!!!") and then declared it was time to see our pictures. She unfurled the one she had drawn for me and proceeded to explain, in detail, what it was all about. I did the same - not as detailed to be sure.

When I looked across at my little five year old I just filled up. She looked like a miniature Eliza Doolittle with her very dirty face and straw hat with plastic flowers set askance. She was so earnest about her tea party and so delighted to share it. Her still baby toothed smile just lit up her little face. This won't last long and I was really cherishing the moment.

There have been countless tea parties at our house with two little girls. Some more elaborate, some simple like this one. Some of them have had various stuffed animals as guests. I think I liked this one the best.

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Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I knew I was missing something by having all boys. I've NEVER been to a tea party. Sounds like it would be fun. Glad you had a special moment with your daughter.