Friday, May 16, 2008


Whew - got out of the city for the weekend and headed up to Borderlands Resort (oh baby use that word loooosely!) - about 10k shy of the Tibetan border. We stayed in tents ... for the FIRST TIME in our nine years of marriage - what weenies - we always meant to go camping.

My HBL and the little guy watching the river.

We trekked up a rediculously steep hill with the hoodlums but were rewarded with gorgeous views of the river valley below, people working their small terraced farms, narrow waterfalls, a little school house and then the descent to .... THE BRIDGE.

WonderBill and numero uno daughter went rafting while L and S and I raced down the river to catch the next photo op. Oooh - can't wait until everyone is old enough!

What kind of mother am I to let my kids traverse this (insert adjective of choice) piece of engineering?

This little four room schoolhouse was nestled on a terrace far far above any road access. The teachers looked like teenagers themselves. Cute kids!

I worked hard for this silky water:).

I didn't catch any pictures of this but one of the funnier parts of the weekend was watching the kids of three families from Mumbai who were also staying at Borderlands provide premeal entertainment in the form of Bollywood video routines. Hilarious. I promise a Bollywood post soon by the way.

Good to get away and remember the country is bigger than KTM. I would upload more photos but it takes fooooreeeeveeer!


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