Friday, May 2, 2008

On blogging ... and visitors.

Do you know what I love about the blogs I read? For those people I actually know, I love knowing about the little things happening in their lives. I love "hearing" their voice in their words. The things you might catch if you were living in the same neighborhood and actually talked over the proverbial picket fence daily. I love seeing the pictures of course - though it makes me a little homesick. I find myself so FULL as I get to just share simply in the lives of those I care about.

Now what about the blogs of people whom I've never met? Some of them I feel like I know and think - "If we lived in the same place, I would want to be friends with her!". Some, I like to visit because I find the person's thinking interesting and challenging. I visit several photographers blogs and sit in awe at their work - hoping someday that will be me. I almost never comment on a blog of someone I don't know however. What a lurker!!

While the details of life may be mundane, they (and of course how people feel about them) are what make me feel connected to others on a deeper level. And what is life without that?

Speaking of friends!!! We don't get a lot of visitors on this side of the planet and a dear friend's husband has been visiting Kathmandu this week ( a week - his body is going to think it is somewhere over Tokyo when he returns). Mike is a pastor of a church in NC and came to visit a missionary from their church who has been living here for some time. They both came over for dinner last night. Completely fun. No cultural translation necessary. A treat in everyway. (Not to mention the couple of pounds of M&Ms that Angie sent - thank you!). Sigh. We are relational creatures indeed.

I am plying my kids with snacks so I can finish this. They have TWO four day weekends in a row due to returned "bandh days"(see earlier post). Our version of unused snow days. The munchkins beckon - but this has been a nice break:).

Grace and Peace, Laurel


Heidi said...

Laurel~ Thank you so much for commenting over on my blog! I love meeting readers! Your blog looks fascinating and I can't wait to get a few minutes to read a little about your world.

Jennifer said...

Hi! How fun to be connected when you are soooo far away! I am ready for your summer visit!

(I loved seeing you comment over on Heidi's blog.)