Thursday, May 8, 2008

She said what?

Everyone else's kids say hilarious but embarrassing things, right?

Yesterday a young colleague of Bill's came over for a cooking lesson. I think I might have had more fun than she did - I'd do this again:)! Anyway, Kit proceeds to grill her -

Kit: "Are you a mommy?"
Friend: "Ummm, noooo"
Me: "Not yet, Kit - yes she is a grown up - but not a mommy."
Kit: "Why not?"

And so it went ... I shooed her out of the room apologetically.

Today a friend was over who is expecting her first bambino. She looks faboo - definitely has the glow goin' on. Kit asked her if there was only one baby in there. Lindsay asked her if she wanted to go see where Khaki was buried (and then have a personal tour of her room and toys). Melissa - you are an obliging woman!!

And this is just a sampling from the last 24 hours. Head shake and smile.

Good night .... Laurel

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