Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer ... it's really over

I had a friend from college who lamented after we graduated and started working that those days between mid May and early September were no longer "summer ... they're just hot". (You have to say it with a thick Alabama accent to really appreciate it.) So even though the calendar says we still have a few weeks left, my kids are back at school and our two months back in the States are quickly fading to black.

I do promise I'll return to things Nepal but I just had to, had to, had to share two of this summer's many highlights. The first is a profound milestone, the second a small but memorable childhood rite of passage.

Aunt Libbie's 100th

Isn't she gorgeous?

How many centenarians do you know? I think my husband's great aunt is the only one I have ever known. Let me tell you just a bit about this incredible woman. Aunt Libbie was born in 1908 and has filled these past one hundred years with love for and service to others. She is a woman of keen mind - the Scrabble champion of her retirement home mind you! - warm heart and as my husband always likes to say ... "she is just sensible" - a high accolade from that side of the family. She writes family memoirs, has been on the internet and is just as sharp as a tack. Her body is failing her a bit these days but she remains as delightful as ever.

We stayed in the States a week longer than we would have because there was no way we were going to miss her 100th Birthday Bash! It was just a lovely gathering and tribute to a woman who inspires us all to live well.

The Lemonade Stand

Okay - not exactly on par with turning 100 but a fun first for our little hoodlums. We parental types thought it was a complete hoot. Who knew that Donald Trump was hiding in our four year old's body? She was flagging down customers .. she was on task baby. Our oldest was more interested in making the chalkboard sign, pouring the drinks and being sociable. I tried to teach them to say "Thank you for your business!" - but it didn't really take.

Who can resist this sales team?

Lindsay thought this face was "bad for the customers" - cracked me up.

A little sustenance for the workforce ... and the first few lucky customers.

The first customer. He gave a big tip.

So long summer.


Heidi said...

Hurrah! Pictures! Aunt Libbie is beautiful! My father's mother passed away last year at the age of 99. She was one of those *incredible* women. Intelligent, hard working, had accomplished so much in her life. Thanks for reminding me of her. My favorite photo is the line up of kids at the party. I don't know how you manage to take pictures that seem to perfectly capture childhood innocence. I love the lighting. That lemonade stand picture is a treasure as well. I would have bought some!

mommaof4wife2r said...

loving this full post of yours today.

first, the cookies and lemonade look delish and i wish i could buy some. i always stop and get some from the kiddos selling. it's my little act of kindness to the kids and the parents!

second, the centurian is so sweet! what a delightful lady. my husband's side of the family almost all live to be over 100. grandma is 95 and seems 70. amazing.

third, i stinking love the pics of the cake and the flowers and the lemons! good eye! and great lighting!


Melissa Lester said...

I came over via SITS. What sweet summer memories! Aunt Libbie is lovely and looks so happy. And those are the cutest lemonade stand proprietors I have ever seen! My sister-in-law said her sister's children opened a lemonade stand in Nashville and earned enough in two days to purchase a Wii gaming system. I'm thinking I need to open a stand myself!

Caroline said...

I so relate with you on the fact that May thru September is just "hot" once you no longer have "summer breaks". I think I mourned the loss of breaks for about three years post graduation. I love being at home, which is why my job as a sahm is PERFECTION!

Katy Lin :) said...

looks like a great summer! your kiddos are adorable!

EmBee said...

Okay, maybe it IS the menopause but seriously, I AM so moved by your lovely photographs and your charming writing that I'm welling up.

I also have a sudden craving for chocolate chip cookies!

Julianne said...

I don't know a single centenarians but, at 96, my Grandmother is close. What a cool celebration for Aunt Libbie!

Farewell summer.

Brenda Jean said...

Wow, I want to be Aunt Libbie when I grow up! She's wonderful:)

Tracy P. said...

Oh my goodness. Two words for your blog: EYE CANDY. Your photos are gorgeous. That one of the kids, ooh la la. And the one of Baboo sleeping. I am drooling. (Or was it the lemons that did that to me??)

My grandma died at 101 a couple of years ago. She was gorgeous like your aunt. And sharp. Fell apart at the end, but we adored her. Her mother lived to 100. When I go to the storage room and forget what I am there for at age 46, I seriously have to wonder what I will be like at 100!

Love your stories too--I spend four years in Asia, so it all makes me smile!

Hot Air said...

Wow! Props to Aunt Libbie- good grief she looks great. And I though my 93-year-old grandma was amazing... ;-)

Ohhh- I refuse to let this summer leave. I plunked my kids in the pool again this evening. And I will probably continue plunking until they refuse to go anymore. We had a couple of "late bloomers" and didn't get to party nearly as much as I was planning...

Maybe next year. We'll get a lemonade stand. (Although my kids might need some tips from your Trumpetite. What a personality!)