Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winding Down to Head Back

As our R&R time is drawing to a close it feels as if the snowball has gained mass and we are flying down the hill.

We had a wonderful week at the beach doing beachy things. I can't wait to post pictures after our return to KTM! We are filling each day with last minute doctor appointments/follow ups, still trying to connect with friends we haven't had a chance to see and getting as much time in with family as we can. I won't lie - the pace has been ridiculous. It has reminded me what has always been the most important to me - the relationships in my life. My relationship with God, my family and my friends is just what it is all about. They give me joy and fill me up.

I'm exhausted - but happy exhausted.

Heidi over at had a wonderful, thoughtful post about the things we want our kids to do, see, value, experience. I'll post my .02 here on this great topic when I get more than five minutes in a semi alert state!

In the meantime we are all preparing for Great Aunt Libbie's 100th birthday party this weekend! Is that incredible or what?

Peace all ... Laurel

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