Monday, October 13, 2008

Dressing the Part

Thursday was another big day during the Dashain festival! Things were closed so we took the kids to a local hotel to swim and play for awhile. On the way back the traffic was backed up as we neared our street with police trying to direct cars and taxis. We noticed people abandoning their taxis to walk - and everyone was VERY dressed up.

One thing I miss about the ol' King is the presence of his "footmen" in their traditional Nepali national dress for men - the Daura Surwal. They used to stand near all the Palace gates looking so sharp, holding a walkie talkie or something. They looked bored, but hey, they looked good!

Back to the traffic jam. Most of the men on the street were wearing Daura Surwal. Something was definitely up.

It seems that our new neighbor, the former King(he moved into his son's place which literally has its long wall on our street) was available to give people a Dashain blessing - just like the old days! Ergo - traffic jam and a bunch of Nepalis wearing their Sunday Best as they queued up outside the gates.

I ran and got my camera to capture this fashion show of Saris and Daura Surwals. I think a Sari is an incredibly graceful garment. We westerners find it difficult to not only put on but to wear. (Someday I'll show you our "Bill and Laurel go to the Hindi Prom picture" - pretty hilarious). The Daura Surwal consists of a long tunic over skinny pants and a western style jacket. The "Topi" (hat) comes in many different traditional patterns or just in black. If you ask me, these are some sharp dressed men!

And women ...

I can hear it now - "Ama - do I have to get dressed up?" This nice family let me take their picture. The "tika" on their foreheads is a mixture of vermillion dye and rice made into a paste. It is a sign of blessing.

One more Dashain post left ... Namaste.


Eudea-Mamia said...

And I thought it was difficult just getting the boys in matching outfits this weekend for the pumpkin patch.

Wow. So great!

I wish American men would understand how dashing and attractive they look in a nice suit and hat. I look at the old photos of my grandfather with his striking fedora and think, wow, he was a hottie!

Bring back the hat!


Kelsey said...

I agree, they do look sharp! I love a guy in a nice suit.

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh I am so going to be reading your blog. I love learning about other cultures. I love the Saris. I have always loved them adn wish that it was an American fashion statement. I do see alot of women in my city with them, but we are a very mixed college town.

Lilly's Life said...

What a great blog you have and I find your posts really fascinating. Love the pictures - will be back to check out some more posts. I have always had an interest in Nepal but have never visited. So I will do that vicariously through your blog.

Heather said...

They do all look so dapper! And I love the colors that the women wear.

nikkicrumpet said...

They do look sharp...what a fascinating, exotic place you get to live. I'm enchanted with these little glimpses