Friday, October 3, 2008

Harmony for Humanity

Promises promises. I have just been too tired to write during my only peaceful writing window in the evenings. So sorry.

Tonight Bill and I went to a remembrance concert for Daniel Pearl. It turns out that not only was he a journalist but a classically trained musician who joined music groups playing violin, electric violin and mandolin wherever he lived and worked. Who knew? These "Harmony for Humanity" concerts are apparently held worldwide in remembrance.

The Public Affairs section at the Embassy was sponsoring this event and it was ... fun ... and funny ... and well, a different kind of date night for us for sure. A Nepali media personality who oozed hipness, had a really deep voice and excellent English emceed the event and introduced the six different artists/groups. All of the artists were well known to the mostly Nepali crowd but we were clueless. Two years of Nepali lessons and I didn't get a single joke. How pathetic is that? After a fair amount of coaxing from HipEngishSpeakingEmcee - people started to dance. Oh yes, the Bollywood moves came out! The hand behind the head, the hand flick - gotta love 'em! I might break out in the privacy of my own home but I'm wayyyyy to insecure to shake my booty before a Nepali crowd. It was fun to go to a cultural event that actually wasn't focusing on traditional music/dance/art but modern forms.

I love hearing about people who moonlight. It turns out that one of the Nepalis who works at the Embassy is a dance instructor/choreographer by night! He was the first one out on the dance floor and the last one to leave - hilarious (in a good way!). The cashier (whom I visit fairly frequently for obvious reasons) was a great dancer and was surrounded by the ladies. Grin. I feel completely okay about teasing him about this for the rest of our tour.

What I didn't do tonight was bring my camera. Dumb, dumb, dumb because I tell you - there were some photo ops. And there won't be a next time! What I would have shown you were Nepali women who were not wearing traditional clothing but western performance attire. By contrast, some of the male artists decidedly did not look like western performers. Last but not least - the scene on the dance floor. Oh Lawsie! I was particularly amused by one of the photographers present who was shooting the one foreigner who was dancing with the crowd - clearly she thought that this was an exotic creature!



Nik said...

That sounds like a great event!

I know it's got to be challenging to travel where your spouse goes - but I *LOVE* have you have embraced the culter and enjoy every bit of it that you can.

Thanks for sharing!

Ronnica said...

I think jokes are the hardest things to get in another language! So many are culture-based...