Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mustang Pony Trek - Part 2

Day 1: Jomsom to Kagbeni. None of these daily rides were very long but we stopped fairly often for breaks. Swift regaled me with his favorite tunage and demanded the all request and dedication hour as well. "Mommy sing lollipop song! Again!" Lindsay was on a mission to perfect her squatty potty technique (oops, oversharing.)

I couldn't really do any shooting while riding but tried to at breaks and when we reached our destination each day. My pictures just don't do justice.

Kagbeni is a primarily Tibetan community. A "road" was built to connect it to another village just last year. LAST.YEAR. I'm not kidding. Within the village there are no roads, just pathways for humans and livestock. Tourism is the only game in town. If there are no tourists the foot rots or is fed to the animals. The guest house we stayed at, though basic, was comfortable and the proprietors were incredibly warm and friendly. There was a 350 year old temple room in the middle of this guest house. Amazing.

Prayer Wheels

Prayer flags - a little worse for wear.

Hmm. Fancy.

Girl on a roof top across from our guest house.

Well ... once again I'll have to do this in parts. Bandwith in Nepal. Nonexistent.
Namaste ...

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Brenda Jean said...

Amazing. 350 years old...it boggles the mind. Thanks for the pictures!