Monday, February 2, 2009

A Bit Greener, A Bit Healthier ... Maybe

There have been things about living in Nepal that have definitely made me eager to be a better steward of our environment. I won't give you a laundry list of what they are. There are a whole host of things that I will be greener about "when we get home". In some ways it would be easier to be green here - we have a staff! I was about to write about how we don't have access to some of the products one might use in the effort to be more environmentally responsible but upon reflection that isn't true. Resolution - we certainly can be using non-chemical cleaning products. Vinegar does exist here. Settled. Smile.

We often chuckle about "organic" food here. Who the heck knows? Is it all organic? Or, they are using highly toxic chemicals from China? But there are places that say they are and we do the best we can.

There are fresh baked goods in our home every day (which I have little to do with except when it involves large amounts of sugar and fat and then I am the Pastry Chef). Ram Dhai makes whole wheat sandwich bread, pita bread, tortillas, sour dough bread and amazing bagels. He makes fresh yogurt and salsa among other things. He freezes the in season items for the off season. While I won't be the master bread baker when we return there are many things I will continue to do myself and much I have learned from him. Taco seasoning - just toooo easy to make yourself instead of buying a packet full of chemicals. Granola? I make a batch a week for the yogurt.

These are all small things but I am thankful for these threads in my tapestry just because of our season here.

Peace ... and some healthier livin' to you!

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richies said...

There is a Nepalese restaurant in Baton Rouge Louisiana that I love called Himalaya. I have always dreamed of visiting that part of the world, but I probably will never get to.

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