Friday, February 20, 2009

Boudha with Baboo

Boudha is one of those places I rarely go to but lots of people we know here spend a lot of time there. Like most Buddhist temples it is clean and quiet. When you enter the stupa area you circumambulate clockwise - spinning prayer wheels if you are a devotee. There are no monkeys to harrass you and a bevy of shops and teahouses have grown up around the stupa to cater to those who visit. It is a nice little change of pace so one morning Baboo and I went for a little visit.

(I also wanted to check out some of the Tibetan furniture - shhhhh).

Prayer flags - you can see the Tibetan writing on them.

The Stupa.

Baboo - taking it in.

More prayer flags.

And finally, a little Tibetan boy.

We all should be tourists wherever we live sometimes!

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romanek said...

Loved this one, Laurel. We visited a stupa in Sedona, NM and said some prayers while circumambulating (thanks for that word). Our guide showed us how the stupa had been built right next to an ancient native american medicine circle which had a very similar walking ritual attached to it. It was yet another illustration of something my Aunt the Catholic nun always says - we really are one.