Thursday, February 5, 2009

Confessions of a Slacker Mommy

I actually do have a few pictures I could posted with this but ... that would mean I would have downloaded them, which I have not. See, a slacker!

Yesterday I took Swift to the birthday party of another little girl in his playgroup. She is an only child of delightful, doting parents. She turned three. Let me paint the scene for you. The party was on the grounds of one of the very nice hotels in town. There were roaming costumed characters (who did NOT freak my little guy out for once - go figure?!) and face painters. There were games and rides. Swift could hardly be peeled off the seat of the little choo choo train that went around and around and around and around. There was a moon bounce and a magic show. There was a lovely meal for both children and adults. There was a chocolate fondue fountain - smile. A special CD was playing that had been especially recorded with the little girl's name in all the songs. I am sure I left a few details out but I think you get the picture.

A lovely party with very generous hosts. So what is my issue? Swift's birthday is only three days later. Guess what his Mama has planned????!!! A choo choo train birthday cake with the family ... and another one for playgroup at our house on Monday. I did order some balloons!

Truth be told I find throwing kiddie birthday parties somewhat terrifying. I pretty much thought this was the last time I could get away with not actually having one as he is still in slightly clueless mode. Entertain politicians and peers? No problem. The thought of a dozen little faces looking at me potentially being bored does kind of freak me out though.

So sorry little guy - Mama is just a slacker!


Jennifer said...

OK, that party you went to tops all over-the-top parties here in the states. Insane!

Be comforted that the Beltway is filled with moms who prefer simple celebrations... me included.

Maybe next year we can just take Peter and Swift out for ice cream together and call it a double party. : )

Heather said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more. It's sounds so mean but every year I try to convince the girls to do something really, really fun...just for our family. It's too much pressure otherwise.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I'm a mom who has done about 35 boy's birthday parties over the years and I actually enjoy the parties. I don't do the over the top kind of parties, but I do like to have just fun and easy parties for the boys and their friends and it builds some great memories for my kids.

Keep in mind that the cake and the presents eat up at least an hour right there. I do juice boxes and cupcakes on paper plates which makes that part super easy. Our best party was a pirate themed party. I got some of those chocolate coins, hid them all over the house and let the kids have a treasure hunt, gave them some foam swords and a 2 X 4 and let them walk the plank and fight to the "death". Then I gave them an old coat hook to wear on their hand and let them see who could scoop up the most pretzels out of a bowl with the hook. Oh and we made paper swords by twisting them up out of newspaper.

Quick, easy, cheap, and they talked about it for days. Especially for really young kids, they are SO easily impressed with simple and fun things like this. Why not give it a try?

Blarney said...

I have to honest ~ I hate planing bday parties for our kids. I'd rather have a small get together at home and be done with it. There is just to much pressure ... they are famous for 'one uping' around here.