Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bunnies, Chicks, Eggs Etc!

We really did have a meaningful Holy Week. Really. The girls really did look sweet in their Easter dresses. But Mommy only brought her camera to the Easter Egg hunt at Phora. So here we are!

Now Mr. and Mrs. Bunny were also Mr. and Mrs. Claus at Christmas AND Fred and Wilma Flintstone at Halloween. Impressive costume repertoire, no?

Cookie decorating ... always a winner with my kiddos!

It was hot, hot, hot on Saturday. Lindsay insisted on wearing this turtleneck. I don't argue about these kind of things.

Baboo vacillated a bit ... bunny, chick, bunny, chick? Bunny won.

The hunt began! Over a thousand eggs were planted around the Phora compound. Within ten minutes not ONE was left unturned - it was hilarious. They have a separate area for the toddler set which helps the little ones actually claim a few eggs of their own without having to compete with the big kids. Swift was clearly concentrating very hard!

Then Swift was DELIGHTED to show Mr. Bunny his take!

Our friend has used this chicken costume not only for this event but on other "costume" occasions. You know, when he was making that critical packing list "Things I MUST bring to a developing country" - this made the cut. I bet it would make the emergency evacuation list too (smile). I had several posed shots of Mr. Spring Chicken with the kids - but I liked this candid far better.
So this all had nothing to do with Easter ... but it was a fun day!


Crystal said...

It looks like you had great fun! You just answered a question for me regarding costumes and bringing them along when living abroad :) Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

How fun! I love Lindsay's new cut!