Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What will you miss ...

We are on that downhill ride towards leaving in three months which means there are lots of guests and more "lasts" than "firsts". For four of the past six weeks we have had friends and family visit or been on vacation. Next week I'm going away on a "mommy trek" for a week (read - excited beyond belief but completely anxious about leaving my kiddos). Where is the time going?

During our interminable ride home (one thing I will not miss) from piano lessons today I asked the girls what they will miss about Kathmandu. Here is what they said:

1) Our helpers: Ram, Mana, Om, Shankar and Shyam. They have become like family to us.

2) Their friends and classmates and teachers.

3) Khaki (our dog that died last year).

4) Punkie Universe. This is a habitrail for children akin to a McDonalds playplace. I think they have been there three times. Sigh - Kids.

5) Dhara Hara. Although they see it almost daily they've never been there! Also known as Bhimsen's Folly it is a century plus old Arabian knights looking tower that is a landmark here. I've promised Kit we'll climb it before we leave.

6) Monkeys and Cows in the streets.

7) Our house here (which of course is not ours at all).

I thought it was an interesting summary of what is important to them and what kinds of things they hang their emotional hats on. I was glad that their first responses were primarily relationships and then following, things that give them a sense of place and are unique to here.

When I asked them what they will be looking forward to they said their grandparents, their house and the Cherry Blossoms - smile.

After the trek I should have a breather and will be able to edit and post some pictures of the above to edit this post. But I wanted to get it up anyway ... time's a tickin' away.

All for now and a few .... Namaste!


Kiwi Trail Runners said...

Hi Laurel

I am coming to Nepal from New Zealand to spend a few days in an orphanage i ahve been supporting in Kathmandu before running the Tenzing Hillary Everest marathon. I have been quite rightly tasked withcoming home with some beautiful to quality Pashmina's and would love any help or advice. I will be arriving in KTM on the night of the 10th of May and in between spending time at the oprhanage wil only have until the 16th to get the essential shopping out of the way and stay in the good books back here in NZ!

Em said...

Hope the Mommy Trek is treating you well!

Sweet list from your little ones.

This curious mind wants to know what you will miss?