Thursday, April 16, 2009


Oh this is classic! I walked into a very cute little boutique here (they do exist) a few weeks ago because I had been eyeing a very cool long black coat and thought it just might be sale time since it has warmed up quite a bit. No one was there, but a handyman did let me in to try it on. It fit - yahooo - and I wrote a note to the proprietor (small town - we've met several times) saying I was interested in the coat - would she mind calling me when convenient. Her sales person called shortly - she was "sooo sorry" she missed me and yes the coat was on sale. I told her I'd love it and would she hold it for me since I was leaving the next day for vacation. "No problem" she said.

I returned from our vacation and have tried to stop by the shop a few times. The first time there was a note on the door "back at 2:30". Oh well. The next time - just closed - no particular reason. But the other day I went again and lo and behold it was open and occupied by a human being! When I told her why I was there she said she was just minding the store but wasn't supposed to sell anything. Someone would be back in a week. It just cracked me up.

Yesterday I received a call from the shop. "Oh we keep missing each other!" the sales woman said. "Yes - we do. I'll be in again soon", I said. "Why don't you call first ...or I can give you my mobile phone number ... just in case" was her response.

Ah the market system at work - it is a beautiful thing.


Crystal said...

I hope you are able to catch up with your jacket soon : )

Rachel said...

Too funny! Ahh, the wonders of modern convenience no? A little cellular coverage goes a long way :)

(thanks for the comment, and my arms are frustratingly short when it comes to self-portraits, LOL)

LINDSAY said...

Its not so bad here, but I remember well a similar retail environment in Haiti. The only difference I suppose was that there were at least five people "working" at each store, often with the person able to use the outdated cash register nowhere to be found! Its actually nice to know that money doesn't run their lives, right?

Crystal said...

Hello Laurel, I wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed your blog! I also just gave you a couple awards on my blog, you are inspiring to me~