Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just because I like 'em

When are you leaving lady?

Departure day is three days away and I confess I can't get my head around something funny or interesting to tell you about living here when my mind is on the airplane halfway home! I bought a bunch of dried mangoes for the plane ride but I better do a little bit better than that by Friday. I am set with crayons, coloring books, puzzlemania books, other books - all required to fit in one each of those kiddie sized L.L. Bean backpacks. I have to come up with a few "surprises" from the local Nepali Rupee store. Helpful people in parenting magazines (strangle, strangle) say to "wrap" these. What? So sorry, no time for that in my little world. Nice idea though.

And what will this space hold for the next two months while I am home? "Trailing spouse returns to the US from Kathmandu" and has lost her ability to navigate life in her native land. I am confident my children will provide fodder for ridiculousness as they usually do. But ... it will probably be picture less which will be sad for me but I just don't know how I'll swing it using someone else's computer, sans software etc. Any ideas anyone?

Moving on ... today, therefore, is just an excuse to post a few photos ... just because I like 'em.

Balloons during Teej Festival.

Newar women during the Indra Jatra festival.
Oh this one needs to be cropped and edited .. but I'm tired and lazy.



Heather said...

I'm struck by the physical beauty of the people in Kathmandu. I remember going home to the states and wanting a McDonald's hamburger with a coke so bad. No Big Macs in the third world.

American in Norway said...

Beautiful... What kind of camera do you have... I decided today I am getting a new one as soon as I get home in 5 weeks... Have a super time while you are home... Sure you will find somthing to shoot.. & someway to upload it. Have a safe trip!

Laurel said...

Thanks AIN:). I have a Canon 30D and LOVE it. There are a lot of excellent ones out there and they just get better every year. Bon chance!

Simple Answer said...

I found you through American in Norway and I'm so glad I did! We move to Amman, Jordan August 1st. But Nepal? Wow.