Friday, June 13, 2008


I was told before we came that there were basically two seasons here - Dry and Monsoon. I knew we were arriving in the middle of Monsoon and wasn't sure what to expect. You know - Monsoon rhymes with Typhoon and I had visions of whipping winds and pouring rain for months on end and flooding everywhere. Guess what? They aren't the same! Actually I kind of like Monsoon. It rains and then it clears. It rains again, and clears again. It will usually rain at night which is one of the best sleeping sounds in my book. When the sun is out it is can be quite warm but the rains cool it back down.

My kids loooove Monsoon. When it starts raining they get all excited and put on all their raingear and go out to play in the rain. Or sometimes they just want to play in their bathing suits. I'm of the school that kids should get as much outside time as possible so I love watching them - from inside that is because I am no fun at all.

Officially the Nepalis will tell you that it isn't Monsoon until the calendar says so (the 15th of this Roman month, first of the Nepali month) but I'll tell you - it has been raining for two weeks so ... it is Monsoon.


Kimba said...

I love the rain too. It's so soothing especially at night.

And I love those pictures of your kids in the rain. They're beautiful.

Kristen Schiffman said...

I love these pictures. I miss the rain- I recently moved across the country and where I live gets minimal rain compared to home.

It is awesome to meet a cyber Jesus gal, if you ask me! Glad you came to my blog Taste Buds -- I will be visiting yours again, too.

American in Norway said...

Hate to be like the others... but I too LOVE your photos... BEAUTIFUL!! Popping in via SITS to say howdy! I will be back .. : ) Tressa