Monday, June 23, 2008

Forty hours later ...

As the Hoos say ... We are here, we are here, we are here!

Top five things to be grateful for from the EPIC JOURNEY?
1) Even though three out of four threw up at one point - no one got sick on their clothes! (okay - one of those was me - only Swift escaped turbulence unscathed.)
2) To the really nice lady who was not willing to exchange seats so I could sit next to my two year old - I am so glad that he didn't spill your red wine in your lap since he spent almost the entire flight in mine reaching for that pretty red liquid, because, boy howdy, you would have been understandably er, grumpy. (Honestly, I'm not bitter but... man ...)
3) A certain darling little four year old did not have a single tantrum on the whole trip. This, my friends, is proof of divine intervention.
4) No flight delays, stroller actually made every gate check and all luggage arrived. Amen.
5) Indeed there was an angel on every flight. A colleague of my husband's was on the first two flights and just took the car seat for me. And as it turns out someone we know from Bangkok was also on the last two flights. (It was our brother in law's brother in law - it takes a minute to chew on that.)

My only tearful moment was on the LAST two minutes of the descent of the last flight when one of the flight attendants told me I was endangering my child because he was in my lap. She was just doing her job but I hadn't exactly slept much in the last 48 hours and was just a liiiitttlle on the edge.

It is about 2:30 am right now and I am feeding graham crackers to a few little hoodlums who "just can't sleep Mommy!". Ah Sleep, the elusive goddess for desperate Mommies.

I may be posting this time of night for awhile.



American in Norway said...

So glad you made it home safe! & see you have figured out how to post while at home... yea... look forward to hearing more!

Simple Answer said...

She would not exchange seats? What was she thinking?

Hope you have a wonderful visit and your "clocks" readjust soon.

Heather said...

*BIG HUGS* You did it!! You made it! Now go get those kids some happy meals and I'll pray that they take a nice long nap for you.

I have no words about the lady who wouldn't switch seats. I have no words and I would've gone OFF. I'm a momma lion when it comes to that.