Monday, June 9, 2008

Life not in Kathmandu

This post has nothing to do with living in Kathmandu except if you count that living here means not living in our own home. Well, now there you are.

Ouch! We just found out that our house back home was visited by the neighbor's tree in an up close and personal way during a bad storm last week. Such a bummer. Thankfully no one was hurt - which means you can kind of laugh about it when you aren't the one actually living with a hole in the roof, torn off gutters, front porch railings ripped off and - ok this is the truly sad part for the tenant - his car was CRUSHED in the driveway. Gone. Totalled. See ya sistah.

I will be making the epic journey back home with the three hoodlums late next week (which will provide fodder for a post both before and after the trip I promise) to assess the damage.

As my two year old says .... bummer (where does he get that???:)).

Peace, Laurel

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