Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home and a Laptop!

Well let us see how addicted we really are? All last week I couldn't post, respond to emails etc. because my Mother in law's computer ... is funky. I am truly in withdrawal. Thankfully my brother's laptop is available to me this week as both brothers are helping me out at the beach with the kiddos. Nice to feel connected again, however briefly.

It is nice, oh so nice, to be back in the States. I went to Chez Target like a good American Mama with the luggage still in the car so I could stock up on useful plastic items for the summer. I've gone to the swimming pool with friends. I stare at the sink water without fear of death or at least dysentery (the kids looked at me quizzically "you can drink that?"). I drive, in actual lanes, without dodging livestock. My children are not complaining about being stared at for looking different. There is music on the radio that I understand.

I probably will not be able to post so much this summer but will when I can.

Now excuse me while I have one of those fabulous Greek yogurts. Strawberry.



Simple Answer said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself! I wanted to thank you again for the link you put on your site. I order the Global Nomad book it recommended and am reading it now. Pretty much has me pegged to a T. Makes me feel very normal and reassured during these stressful next weeks!

Jennifer said...

Welcome Home! Looking forward to catching up.

And that lady on the plane... I'm pretty sure I would not have handled that well. : )

Heather said...

Oh, man...Target...fresh water. It's all so good!