Monday, July 7, 2008

And now ... Camp.

Oh I think I might finally have figured out how to post from my Mother in Law's computer oh happy day!

Now that "Jet Lag Week" and "Beach Week" are officially over ... camp begins. I was not thinking straight when I signed up Kit at one camp and Lindsay another - that start and end at the same time in two different places. This was truly a dumb thing to do to myself. C'est la vie and I'll just get on with it. I just really, really wanted Lindsay to be able to go to VBS because I went when I was a kid and, you know, we just feel like we have to pass all the good stuff on don't we? But not the bad stuff ... like Girl Scout Camp. UGH. I hated it. My girls will never go even if they beg because I am sure it will be awful. I did go to a lot of great camps (thanks Mom and Dad:)) ... but GS Camp was not one of them. (I also took a lot of classes - many of which were great - the one that still cracks me up, however, was "Colonial Crafts". Candle Dipping etc. I can't even type it without laughing!)

Off to sleep so I can face the week semicoherent. Three weeks left of single parenting - not that I'm counting the days or anything.


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