Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Beach

Oh can we just live here for awhile at the retro beach house? Life is just frozen in the 50s.

It is a gorgeous morning. The breeze is blowing through the trees across the screened porch. All the grown ups have their cups of respective hot liquids. (Not everyone is a coffee achiever). There are chocolate croissants from Lingos on the kitchen counter. The kids are alternatively watching cartoons and playing with all the fun toys that are only at the beach house.

Coming to the beach is always license to eat all kinds of stuff that normally I might ration out but for some reason think all has to be consumed during the few days or a week we are here. We also do things the kids only do at the beach. I let the kids stay up late and thankfully they sleep a bit later too. They beg to go to Funland and we do. Throw up rides, cotton candy - the whole shebang. It is all just too much fun and happiness. Kinda sickening huh?

I'm chuckling to myself because it hasn't always been this idyllic. I remember being 8 months pregnant at the beach with a 20 month old in tow who didn't want to leave the beach when it was time to go. Bill was back at the house and I was stranded with the toddler, the beach toys, the little wagon etc. and I was and mad, mad, mad! I can laugh about it now but at the time I was HUGE and HORMONAL and HOT (not in the Hollywood meaning of the word for sure) and HOPPIN' mad.

The beach is a block away and we'll all pack up and go soon. (You know, after Sesame Street.) I'll take these sweet times when I can get them.



Simple Answer said...

Sounds heavenly.

Heather said...

Have fun at the beach! Happy Fourth of July!!

Mrs. R said...

Sounds perfect. The beach always makes me hungry!!