Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ode to a rental

Transportation has always been just that to me. I'm generally don't covet fancy cars and see the utilitarian nature of the most unsexy of vehicles, the dreaded minivan, as just no big deal because it is practical for we Mommy types (at least once you reach that three kiddo mark). So when I scouted around for a minivan to rent for the summer I discovered that ... it just wasn't going to happen. Way, way way way way too expensive. So I went with plan B and rented something smaller. We're making it work.

I am living in my rental chariot as I ferry kids to and from different camps, go and visit friends, raid a kiddie clothing sale etc. It has been officially christened with crushed Cheerios. It has my requisite snack stash for the kids, and one for me. I bought some contraption that can both play and charge my ipod in the car and this is a happy thing. It has a few design features that mean I wouldn't buy this car but hey, it's transportation and I'm grateful. (Zero visibility! I keep thinking I am going to make some poor squirrel into road pizza before its time).

The kids assume it is "our car". Therefore, no problem Mom for me to draw on the seats, right? Ai yai yai.

It costs a bundle to fill this puppy! Join the club right?

Mostly, frankly, I am just glad the thing works. I know it is serviced, fairly new and is unlikely to have ... issues ... for the two months I'll be driving it.

So rental chariot - I raise my drive through coffee to you and give you a pat on the hood for taking us on the road.

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Kara said...

I just completely stumbled on your blog at random (I'm new to blogging, just starting to blog to help me remember the early years of my chilren's lives) Anyway, somehow I found myself at your blog and I am facinated. I travelled to Kathmandu 7 years ago and feel in love with the country. I often wonder if I could travel back with my children but know that I likely won't. Anyway, cheers to you and your family. I'm certain you are forming some wonderful memories for you and your children :-)