Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hubby is home and what do we do?

*Disclaimer: I'm not in Kathmandu at the moment and havn't been since late June. If you are reading this thinking "this is completely weird because Nepal sounds just like home!" I am so sorry. I am in the US on R&R for the summer, taking in a few movies, a little Starbucks and clean tap water. I'm lovin' it. But will also love being back there in late August - hopefully with tales to tell. So if you have no interest in my really not so interesting life, just feel free to click away. I'm not offended.

Well I did make it to the airport in time to see my 6'5" husband loping towards baggage claim and sort of skipped behind my little guy in the stroller with joy. I really and truly am supposed to be a grown up but I really just don't care because I was excited!

So the poor guy is completely jet lagged. I allowed the rest of us a full week of "nothing officially scheduled" to get over it but he is pretty much getting no mercy. I practically handed all our progeny over right away! We are booked, booked, booked with appointments, ballet camp etc. this week. I'm a terrible wife.

As I looked at the schedule this week I noticed that yesterday was really going to be the last opportunity for my Kit to see the Kit Kittredge movie which has been the topic of discussion ever since we arrived. (An aside but I had to laugh when her cousin from LA arrived a few weeks ago and had, of course, already seen it because, well, she had been the premiere! Only a Hollywood kid could say that so casually). As a matter of fact it is quickly departing the movie scene. It was now only playing in three theatres in the WHOLE DC area. Clearly the time had come. Kit was prepared with her Kit Kittredge haircut. For real - she insisted on cutting off her long hair to be like her doll. Thank God there isn't a 80's Punk American Girl doll yet. It is ok - the cut is actually really cute. Annnnywayyyy - we went to see it with my sweet Mom. We even took the two year old just because we were desperate. He actually watched it! It was a sweet movie - Kit loved it - Mom loved taking us (I think).

Ah - my moment of peace for writing is over. How do people do this at Starbucks?

All of this to say ... I finally get my husband back ... and I make him see an American Girl movie. He's a saint.

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Simple Answer said...

Loved the Kit movie and I bet your Kit looks darling with the haircut. We went to Chicago in April and took the girls to the American girl store. My husband was the only Dad in the theatre for the American Girl Revue. Aren't Dads grand?