Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mustang Pony Trek - The final installment

Where was I? I have no idea so this will be nearly wordless ...

Girl in Jomsom

We stepped aside periodically to let a herd or two pass.

Marpha - the apple capital of Nepal. Who knew?

Sweet picture of Lindsay with her Daddy.


Terrible picture but it made me laugh. These were our guides for the trek: Tek and Dil. I think we were saying "ice cream!" or something like that.

Now this was cool. The girls went fossil hunting along the riverbank in Kagbeni and found several. They made for heavy souvenirs but when was the last time you picked up a fossil?


Trying to keep Swift out of the ritual bathing area at Muktinath Temple.

When you are tired of the pony ... there is always Daddy.

They are SO serious about snack time.

My trek memories are starting to fade already but I wanted to finish posting about it anyway. We were so grateful to be able to see the raw and beautiful landscape that is lower Mustang. Hopefully the pictures will help the kids remember the experience.
Peace this season!


Heidi said...

What an amazing experience for you, but especially for your kiddos. Do they have any idea how unusal (and really incredible) their childhoods are? I love being transported to another world when I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Laurel said...

No they really have no idea! We hope they appreciate it one day - smile.

LINDSAY said...

Of course you must know that your children will rebel, lead normal stable lives, and settle down in SmallTown, U.S.A. - just to get your goat!
...crazy when we're jealous of our children...
beautiful pictures, as always...

Anonymous said...

found you through SITS.
What a great post. Your children will have amazing memories.

ScrappinAway said...

Hi, found you by way of SITS, you were ahead of me on roll call this morning! I loved looking at your pics, was enjoying the beautiful pics and the cracked up when I saw the 7-11 and McD's signs...yakslushie, what a whoot!

Mrs. S said...

what an adventure you're on. how interesting. i may have to stop by again.

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

Blarney said...

Lovely, just lovely!