Sunday, December 7, 2008

Reindeer are so passe!

Kathmandu Christmas Kickoff was Santa arriving on a rickshaw. Poor reindeer. Unemployment is hitting everybody.

Swift wouldn't get near the guy. (And he is the same person who freaked him out by being Fred Flintstone at Halloween. It's a small town.)

This is our third and last Christmas in Kathmandu. Our first Christmas felt like the holiday that almost didn't happen. Our HHE (Household Effects - aka "boxes o' stuff") didn't arrive until the week before Christmas. (We all needed socks, badly.) Christmas came and the kids were delighted but I felt, well, distracted. Then last year we returned to the States for Bill's Dad's military burial at Arlington in December. We arrived back in KTM on the 23rd. Again, Christmas came but I wasn't fully in holiday gear.

This year is different. We are here all month. Lots of time for putting up a tree, celebrating Advent , making cookies (and gingerbread houses, and peppermint bark, and anything else I can come up with) and all the other things that happen at holiday time.

I hope I have time to post a bit this month in spite of the heightened activity level. The kids are are at a great age to both enjoy and understand Christmas. We really just find ourselves incredibly grateful.
Happy second week of Advent!


Brenda Jean said...

Oh those poor reindeer:) My kids never liked to sit on Santa's lap. I don't have ONE picture-- out of all three of them! I never pushed it though:) MY boys were afraid of Bozo the Clown too!

Blarney said...

Ours were pretty leary of Santa until last year so we haven't many Santa pictures either. I've always been concerned about trusting any man with that much hair on his face too. ;)

Jennifer said...

Cute Santa pics! I'm so happy you will have a December at "home" to celebrate with your kids this year.

mommaof4wife2r said...

happy second week of advent to you!!! i love ur pics! the santa is a little shiny, i have to say...but great pics!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Wow - global economic crisis indeed. Poor Rudolph!

Happy second week of Advent to you too!! My mother officially passed down her Advent Candle display this year to me. I love it.

Enjoy a "quiet" holiday season!