Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa and the Hoochie Girl!

The title made you look. Admit it.

Today was the last day of school before the holidays and the traditional "Santa Show" was held to kick off the three weeks of sleeping in and waffles for breakfast. Since my girls go to an International School it was duly multicultural in content. Also, since people come from all types of faith backgrounds it was fairly sanitized but with a very real attempt to give equal time. Mostly it was all fun and frivolity as the kids sang a variety of "holiday" songs, danced around and had a good ol' time.

This would all not be so interesting to blog about except for two things that happened.

1) A highlight of the season! Santa arrived in a green electric car. He is so PC! He was wearing Tibetan shoes and had something wrapped around his head that may have been housing a family of chipmunks. He wore an amazing set of bells around his waist that he shook and rang with every Ho Ho Ho. I understand that a few years ago he came on an elephant. And I thought the rickshaw was hard to beat. He was suitably enthusiastic. He boogied with the best of them. Lindsay still declared him a fake. Cynic. She's only five.

2) Oh where to start with this one? Well it seems that the middle school students have been learning salsa. Their teacher and her partner were there to do a little demo. She came in with silver sequined shoes and a jacket with silver sequins on the shoulders. So far so good - performance attire, I get it. At the last minute she stripped off the jacket and, well, she wasn't wearing much. Yep, those adolescent boys were really bummed. I was thinking about how to explain her attire (or lack thereof) to my little girls. I'm sure the powers that be had no idea this was going to happen - aye yai yai.

I'm being snarky. I almost didn't post this because I am being snarky. But quite honestly I just get both sad and angry at innocence being stolen from my children. I know it won't be the last time something like this happens - but I can still rant a little.

But as a wonderful Nigerian man said to me many years ago .... "Don't let it rob you of your Joy!". He was right.

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Eudea-Mamia said...

Ho Ho Ho, indeed!!

Hope your holidays were full of joy, and more clothing.

Can't wait to read all the tales to come in 2009!