Monday, June 1, 2009

Anatomy of a Bandh Day

A bandh day isn't all that bad sometimes. (See here if you are wondering what in the heck I am talking about.)
6:30 AM
The phone rang, radio squawked, and I checked email. School was closed, the Embassy was closed (but Bill went in because, well, he always goes in), all planned events were cancelled.
9:00 AM
Children decided to be prolific in their production of artwork. There were no less than THIRTY little paintings drying on the pantry floor.

Lindsay - The Blue Period

My little artists ... littlest one AWOL at the moment.

I made Mango Gingerbread while the kids painted. This is worthy of its own post! Fabooo!

We had "Mommy School" where I attempted to homeschool for the day. Fortunately, at this life stage they think this is a really fun "game"! If this was our reality it might be a whole 'nother story.

Bill came home for both lunch and dinner. Yahoooo!

I started the GREAT TOY PURGE I have been procrastinating doing. Oh. my. goodness. We have an astonishing, embarrassing number of toys. We culled broken ones out and then organized the "giveaway" pile on my bed. Kit would OK an item, Lindsay would veto it - and vice versa. I told them I was just going to make an executive decision when they were at school - this resulted in some unity within the ranks thankfully. Did I mention that we have more toys than FAO Schwartz? At any rate, we made some progress. Mostly the exercise just highlighted how far we have to go in the next six weeks before packing out! But I'm not stressed about it at all (nose growing).

Off to scrub some faces and read some stories before bed.


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your children are really cute!!and also i am lovng your blog!!