Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Isn't it a rule that you have to climb the highest piece of architecture in every city you visit? I made that up but I think everyone does it. I have been promising the girls that before we leave I would let them climb this. It is alternatively called Bhimsen's Folly or Dharahara.

The original tower was built in 1826 by Rana Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa only to be damaged in the 1934 earthquake. (Hmmm, the E word. I haven't posted about this. I don't want to thoroughly depress any of you who are moving here. Forget I mentioned it.) I am not sure if it is fact or urban myth that someone rode a horse to the top and took a fatal high dive. The fact that someone jumped would not surprise me but the horse? I don't think so. At any rate - it was closed for years apparently.

I converted some of these to B&W since it was such a hazy day and I think architecture lends itself to it anyway.

My little hoodlums are completely excited about it!

The Kathmandu sprawl spreading to the valley rim in 360. Or some cool graphic with the bars and gates - depends on how you look at it:).

Hazy day. Martyrs gate in the traffic circle.
These sweet girls wanted their picture taken with my children. Those exotic blue eyed creatures that they are! (Lindsay would not cooperate - oh well.)

Two hundred and thirteen steps isn't exactly the Washington Monument but the resulting views were still worth the climb. These signs were in case you either lost count ... or wanted a compass.

The tower is encircled by these carved plinths.
It was a fun thing to do and it really needed to wait until the end of our tour because three years ago small people would have asked to be carried up. You might notice a certain three year old was not invited. Poor little guy - it is rough being the youngest sometimes.

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Em said...

What a gorgeous group of ladies!! Stunning - all four.

Fantastic shots, per usual.