Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Thailand Trip!

I love to capture the image. I hate to edit it. This is a bit of a hindrance in the furthering of my photography skills! Now possibly when we move home and upgrade our computer situation it may turn from being tedious to fun. Other people seem to think editing is a blast! I ramble.

This week's (ok I am SO late that it is almost last week's) assignment at I Heart Faces is just to document a family vacation. Since, in fact, I had ours on the hard drive and hadn't edited any of the pictures this was my opportunity. And my family can finally see them! Thank you Faces for your encouragement - smile.

One very, very fun by product of living in Kathmandu is that if you are going to take a vacation it by definition is going to be a unique experience. I am beach person - my husband likes the mountains. Since we live in the Himalayas, guess where we got to vacate the last three years - the beach! Going to the beach from the 'Du means going to Thailand. It is very accessable, only a three hour flight, and it is where nearly everyone from here goes to get away. We tried a different place every year. I really do worry about my kids thinking this is normal. Next year they are going to ask me if we can go to Thailand for Spring Break. I will respond to them something along the lines of ... "Reality time my wee ones! No way Jose!!!".

First stop ... Bangkok for the weekend.

Kit is just a little excited about getting soaked on a long tailed boat ride!

Beautiful Thai temple architecture along the river.

I have a picture of myself doing this twenty something years ago when I was backpacking in Asia. I have to say it never occurred to me that I would take a picture of my kids in the same pose! Swift isn't so sure what he is doing.


The female lions have the cub at their feet, the males a ball.

This guide deserved (and got!) a huge tip. When Forty Pounds Of Love himself just gave up trying to walk the guide scooped him up and minutes later he was conducting his tour in this pose - never skipped a beat.

Still sleeping ...

They are hot, they are tired (did I mention it was really, really, hot?) but they are willing to humor Mommy for a minute.

Temple guardians at the Grand Palace.

After trekking around with the grown ups they definitely deserved a treat!

Yes - daily I tell my kids about WILY strangers. Don't you? Grin.

We did have a kid centered day when we went to the aquarium and a park but since Bill was still in Kathmandu and his Mom and I were wrangling the kids in kagillion degree heat ... I left the camera in the safe that day. Oh well.

Next stop, Phuket. Ahhhhh now we're talking.

Circus afternoon for the kids. This was just way too much fun for an hour. Look at these faces!

Finally, some dinner and sunsets.

The daily sunset lighting ceremony.

What is it about the sunset that lowers your blood pressure and makes you breathe more slowly? I don't know but I'll take it.

I didn't get any pictures of my husband or my mother in law (or me). There really were grown ups on this trip ... really.

Thanks Faces for making me do this!


Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I'm really going to miss all these wonderful adventures when you move back to the states.

Crystal said...

What beautiful pictures you take!!! I will remind my kids about the "Wily Strangers", I love that : )

Laurel said...

Adrian - me too! The places will change but I hope we'll have a sense of adventure about whatever we do, even if it is local.