Saturday, June 20, 2009

Those Brits Can Party ...

There is a saying in many foreign locales - "those westerners make their own fun". Oh do they (we) ever. Bill and I are still cracking up over our evening last night. The British School was having a dinner dance for their staff and parents. At one point they didn't think that they had enough people to support the event so they opened it up to be an "all international school" event. One of my trek mates who is British talked us into going. Since the American school is on summer break guess how many parents there were from our school? Zip - nada baby! But we knew most of the people there anyway (I have mentioned on this blog that this is a small town, haven't I?)

You usually have to drag me to "large" events but then I end up having a good time. I'm more of a dinner party type of gal. This event, however, was one fun party. Why is it so funny to see a bunch of middle aged people letting loose? People I normally see as very reserved where gettin' down on the dance floor - woo hoo:)!

Dress was whatever you wanted it to be so people came in Saris, jeans and everything in between. There was a professional band doing covers - they were good. There was a teacher band "The Inverters" (referring to the battery power options many people use here when there is no power - as in 12-16 hours a day) and then finally ... the parent band, "Load Shed" (referring to said power loss) dressed in satin pants (trousers, excuse my Yankiness) and sequined shirts and 60's wigs. They were hilarious. They had original songs like "I Drive a Rickshaw" among others and tweaked the lyrics to a few Talking Heads songs.

All in all ... a very fun night. I think we needed that.



casa da poesia said...

"sangham saranam gacchami"

mary grace said...

Came across your blog as I was searching for ex-pats in Nepal. Sorry to hear that you're leaving before we even arrive!